Mediation: Lyle has taken his expertise and experience in labour and employment relations and developed a reputation for highly effective mediation. Lyle was trained in the Dispute Resolution Skills Program at Queen’s University, Centre for Industrial Relations and brings those skills, together with his thirty years of experience, to assist parties in reaching creative mediated resolutions to their conflicts. Lyle is a proponent of interest-based resolutions.

Arbitration: Lyle understands that parties are looking for an efficient, fair arbitration process and timely, well-considered decisions and that is what he provides.  Known for his no nonsense approach to adjudication, Lyle brings a strong academic understanding of labour jurisprudence and a keen appreciation of the practical implications of workplace disputes to his arbitration practice. Lyle is appointed to the approved arbitrators lists of the Ministry of Labour in Ontario and Alberta Employment and Immigration.

Collective Bargaining Facilitation: Lyle has experience as a collective bargaining negotiator and facilitator. In 2011 he was invited by fifteen building trades and their corresponding registered employers’ organizations to design an innovative process of group collective bargaining and to facilitate interest-based bargaining among them. The process concluded with fifteen ratified provincial collective agreements. For a discussion of this successful process, click here.  Lyle was invited again in 2014 and 2018 to facilitate the framework bargaining between the building trades and the registered employers organizations. Lyle has also successfully facilitated province-wide public sector bargaining in health and education.